About The Grenada Yacht Club
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About The Grenada Yacht Club
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We at The Grenada Yacht Club consider ourselves a family. We invite all guests to join our family.
You are most welcome to stay and enjoy our warm, laid back atmosphere of which we are very proud, for as long as you would like.
We take this opportunity to introduce you to the heads of the family, the Officers and Staff, and to give you an insight into the rules and regulations, which govern our family. At the same time you may learn how you too if you wish, may become a member of our family.
This information is only a click away; feel free to explore the links above at your leisure.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to encourage boating, yachting and yacht building in Grenada.
To encourage participation in international yachting events and to provide a well maintained clubhouse, anchourage and other facilities for the use of members and visitors to the club.
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