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Grenada Yacht Club - Boating School
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We at The Grenada Yacht Club take great pride in our Boating School. Here all members of our community over the age of eight may learn to sail at little or no cost. Our only requirement is that students are able to swim 25 yards. Programs offered by the school were designed originally to promote Boating and Water Safety as part of the educational experience of Grenada’s Youth.

Many students have learnt to sail through programs offered by our Boating School. The School in its present form was conceived in May 2001 and the first class of students began our Junior Program in July of the same year.

The club’s fleet available for training is made up of two J 24’s, six Laser Dinghies, twelve Mosquito Dinghies and one Inflatable chase/rescue Rubber Dinghy.

Available Training Programs:

This program is available to the youth of Grenada between the ages of 8 and 15 entirely free of charge. It consists of both classroom work and on the water training in Mosquito Dinghies.

Management: The School is managed by the Sailing Committee of The Grenada Yacht Club, a sub committee of which is directly responsible for the operation, maintenance and quality of the school within the guidelines of the club’s charter, which is to promote sailing and boat building in Grenada.

Staff: The School’s staff is made up of paid instructors whose responsibilities include classroom and on the water training. The School very fortunately is able to call upon volunteers to assist with its various programs.

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